Academic and Research activities:

Mitra is an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, specialist lecturer at Birmingham City University and Coventry University in Fine Art and Artist Educator at Tate Britain. She is often invited to engage with a range of organisations in delivering various lectures, workshops and training.

2010-11 key lectures and Workshops:

Postmodernism and its relevance to art practice today, BCU (Birmingham City University)

Political and Cultural Considerations in Art Education, BCU  

Intercultural Consideration and the Development of Community Arts Provision, BCU

Build your Artworld (lectures and Workshops- Birmingham and Coventry University

Brockerage, Endorsement and Representation A discussion for artists and visual arts organisations on how to navigate the sometimes impenetrable contemporary art world. As part of the Art of Ideas.

International Art and Identity Considerations around the translation of artworks between cultures, Winchester University

The Value and Application of Artists Intellectual Property, research and recommendations for Turning Point West Midlands.

Survive and Thrive: a 4 Day Symposium and training for final Year BA and MA students in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University

How to Develop Creative and Cultural ideas: Understand the processes which support the development of creative and cultural ideas, Know how to use materials, techniques and technologies in creative and imaginative ways, Know the legal, ethical and environmental issues and constraints affecting the creative and cultural development process (Creative Alliance)

Understanding Creative and Cultural Businesses:   Develop opinions about different areas of these industries. Identify international and national social and cultural factors that affect how people work in these industries. Know the variety of work in these industries. Know about diversity and equal opportunities in these industries. Know how new technologies are used in these industries. (Creative Alliance).

Selected talks/ workshops:

Feb 2009 Flyeric Symposium chairing- Changing People’s/ artists perceptions of what artists can do” (Castlefield Gallery, Artgene, Storey Gallery)

Feb 2008 Portfolio Careers in the Arts- A talk for Metapod Creative Practice training course run by Fierce

Oct 2007 Pricing Your Work workshops for the Yorkshire ArtSpace- as part of Starting Out course

June 2007 Bradford Beats Architecture week in Bradford. Public workshop

Feb 2007 Embroideries workshops on overlaps between fine-art/craft and gender debates at the Tate Modern

2006-11 Professional Practice facilitating various AN+ Air and knowledge sharing for artists

March 2005 Contemporary Iranian women Shiraz Open University

Oct 2004 Artists and Mediums the importance of medium in meaning, Sheffield Youth group workshops

Dec 2003 Veils Unveiled the implications and perceptions of the veil, Manchester Museum

Sept 2002 Objects of Significance and Responding and Writing about Art (Sheffield Hallam University)

July 2000 Could an Artist be awarded a PhD for getting out of bed? (Sheffield Hallam University)