Alternations is a performance and film exploring the notion of shifting identities. It was originally screened at AtreEast gallery, New York, May 2004 as part of an exhibition entitled ‘Near’ and later at the 2nd Bishkek International Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Curated by Mutratbek Djumaliev, Gulnara Kasmalieva and Sara Raza, October 2005.

The film is a 12 minute looped sequence and has been reviewed by Critic and Curator Sara Raza:

“Mitra Memarzia’s AlterNations, 2003 video performance of a presumably “female” figure continuously rotating and removing several layers of clothing “echoes the intentions of altering meaning to change, to adjust, modify, revise, rework, correct and maintain” (Mitra Memarzia May 2004). The body of the performer has been decapitated through intentional framing, reminiscent of old 8mm films, refusing its viewers access to the actual identity of the figure and thus, creating a sense of suspense. The piece also includes a disturbing flashing strobe light that has been purposely inserted by the artist to create an environment of discontent reflective of the way in which information is filtered and interrupted by the media.”  Review: Sara