Heard and Not Seen is a live Touring project and installation: It has been implemented and exhibited at The Mailbox, Birmingham (2008) Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries (2010), Washwood Heath Children’s Centre (2011). There are further touring dates in the pipeline and we are interested to hear from organisations and people interested in the project.

Heard and Not Seen is an ongoing touring project and exhibition in collaboration with Friction Arts. The initial project took 9 months to produce. Heard And Not Seen (HANS) is an arts project and exhibition by Lead artists Sandra Hall and Mitra Memarzia. It has been funded by Birmingham City Council, Prevent programme, Arts Council of England West Midlands, and further supported by Ward End Library (Birmingham) in partnership between Washwood Heath Children’s centre and Faiths In Action.

The aspiration for the project and associated activity is to tour locally, nationally and internationally.The project aims to create a unique, safe space for people to meet and ask questions with each other, of each other; particularly about faith, religion and spirituality.

There is a clear need for ordinary people to discuss, express and enquire about aspects of daily Muslim and religious life in response to the climate of polarised media reporting.

There are four distinct aspects of the project. 1. Workshops: We have undertaken a series of arts projects with a range of community groups in Birmingham, UK. Art forms included photography, film, installation, drama and interviews. 2. Art Exhibition: From these conversations, we have responded as artists and created an inter-active exhibition using audio, video, photography, reactive media and installation. This touring exhibition is designed to create an environment that will stimulate discussion. Throughout the exhibition there are key events where groups/individuals are invited to attend a discussion in response to the installation. 3. Archive: The journey and interviews of the project are collated and provide a wide ranging archive for the Birmingham Library reflecting these important discussions. 4. Website/blog: As the project develops the website has been developing to support and enrich the project.

Through extensive research and workshops with a whole range of people, the artists continue to gather an archive of interviews, film and written material which they interpret and feed into this ‘live project’ to create a unique environment containing sounds, images and sculpture and a place for people to interact with and in.

The exhibition consists of a series of freestanding sculptures containing audio recordings, photographs and projections reflecting the wealth of material gathered. Visitors are able to immerse themselves in the work and to reflect within the space, where refreshments and conversation with the artists and others is provided.

The project exists to invite people to ask questions with each other – we do not have any definitive answers about faith, religion, spirituality – they are different things to different people. This is what we want to explore with people.


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