It Goes can be loosely described as a moving photograph, 1hour of recorded traffic at the Shiraz gates peacock roundabout in Iran in March 2006. This recording captures the chaos and order of interaction between people and traffic on the 13th day of Iranian New Year celebrations, which is traditionally ended with leaving the house and picnicking outdoors. The mundane details in ‘It Goes’ can be viewed as narratives to the enormous personal conflicts of life in a country battered by decades of violence and religious warfare. ‘It Goes’ illustrates the complexities and uncertainties of modern day Iran reflected through the architecture of the roundabout as a central system versus the people; where the two appear at odds but ‘go’ on endlessly in an ordered chaos.

The work was first screened as part of the Temporary Cities, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia and The Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Lithuania in 2006 Directors: Luca Curci, Karina Karaeva.
Also installed as part of solo show, The Edge Gallery, 2006, Sheffield, and New Generation Arts, Curated by Robin Dobson, Birmingham, 2007.