Man Made is a collaborative project with Farhad Ahrarnia. We started the project back in 2007 and steadily collected and built a body of works consisting of photographs, film, objects and sound. In this project, we have been collaboratively exploring and contradicting perceptions of Iranian (Middle Eastern) man. We interviewed, photographed and filmed men at work in Shiraz over a number of summer visits. The professions cover a vast range of skills and are at times surprising. Flourists, fabric merchants, patissiers and quilt makers, each subject presenting their skills with passion and pride. We have built an impressive range of works inspired by our interactions, which will be incorporated into an installation, though the various elements can also be screened and presented in a range of settings. The body of works have not been shown publicly yet, as we are looking for the right space/context for it and until then, this will remain a live project, and a point of dialogue and reference between us.


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