Still Life was 10 day durational installation and performance at The Article Gallery, Birmingham, February 2011. It was opened to the public from the moment the door to the gallery was opened and first items were brought into the space. The Gallery space was split into two distinct areas of ‘stage’ and ‘off stage’. A living room setting appeared as the central focus of the room and throughout the 10 days items began to appear on the stage through performances. Multiple layers of narratives began to form as various objects interacted with one another. Reminiscent of a crime scene investigation, visitors could enter the space at any point during the 10 days and spend time in the space. Every item was tagged with a description of the object, which was intended to encourage further interrogation by the visitor. Sound artist Darren Joyce was invited to make a new sound piece that included binaural beatings infused with sounds recorded from around the home bringing a psychological dimension to the work. Binaural beats are set at frequencies which can change the brain wave patterns in the brain. In this case, the visitor would either unintentionally feel threatened and want to leave the space, or be enticed to stay longer. This work culminated in a final performance in which all the items formed an exodus leading to a miniature blossom tree. This project is ongoing and open to expressions of interest from artists wishing to engage in the installation and make new work in response to it.