Examples of Teaching/ Training and workshops:

14  years experience working with individuals and organisations to develop ideas through to engaging, inspirational situations, events and products across a within a wide range of settings.

As an artist and academic, I am adept at designing bespoke training and workshops that are relevant, informative and enjoyable.

Designing bespoke training experiences for a whole range of people and organisations recent projects include:

Build your artworld is a game designed for artists and designers to create their career map. The workshop builds on expertise of the field and helps identify skills and various paths in the creative industries.

Heard and Not Seen, an ongoing live art project and installation, exploring issues of faith, religion and spirituality. Building solid and lasting relationships with clients, collaborators and communities that included the Birmingham City Council’s Equality and Diversity Dept (their first art project), understanding their needs and delivering their aims. This required a sophisticated process of translation between contemporary art and the city council’s objectives. The research material was collected through a variety of ways that includes, interviews, workshops, and interventions. www.heardandnotseen.com

West Midlands Police (counter terrorism) to think creatively and outside the box- develop ways of engaging with young people, developed an online game/ toolkit www.choicesandvoices.com

Game design with Adding Play used to generate ideas with  Samsung to come up with new android apps for phones.

Project Einstein (Creative Partnerships) worked with pupils and teachers to create better communication within the school, developed an online ideas platform: www.playgen.com/einstein

Lectures and workshops on the Creative and Cultural Industries for a range of organisations such as Creative Alliance, Yorkshire Artspace, AIR and a range of universities and colleges.